Developing a Personal Style – Eleanor Grosch

Eleanor Grosch is a freelance illustrator who is known for doing flat, colorful illustrations, primarily of animals. Her session was on developing a personal style. A great deal of her discussion was about how she has had to overcome criticism about her style, which is apparently similar to an artist famous in the 50’s. Grosch posed the question for artist faced with similar criticisms to ask “what am I bringing to this style?” She also showed a great deal of her work. I checked out her web site and I personally think she had some stronger pieces online.

She gave out a handout with questions to help you uncover your personal style.

  • What did you do as a child? Did you draw/paint/build?
  • What kind of music do you like? Fun/somber/instrumental?
  • What are you drawn to most? Color/shape/texture/line?
  • Which typefaces do you think are attractive? Script/sans-serif/serif/thick/condensed/extended?
  • Which other designers/illustrators/painters/sculptors do you like best? What is it about their work do you enjoy?

Some examples of her work:

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