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Von Glitschka is a illustrator, designer, author and owner of Glitschka studios ( based in Salem Oregon.

5 Alarm Concepts was one of the first sessions I decided on, and it did not disapoint. The Five-Alarm Concepts session was all about learning how to establish conceptual triggers that help you think through problems and formulate new ideas.

Von talked about “Loading our mental chambers” with everything around us. It helps our creativity and mental process if were able to look outside our areas of expertise to find new and intriguing information.

Conceptual Triggers
Anything you experience or see, and store in your mind is a “match”. Matches have the ability to spark creative solutions at anytime. Some of the ways to collect matches are:

Reading is a great tool, and allows you to think with someone else’s brain. It also improves your communication skills, verbally and linguistically.

Two Books I’m reading now

“Change by Design” by Tim Brown from IDEO

“A Fine Line” by Hartmut Esslinger from Frog Design

Traveling exposes you to new and exciting environments and forces you to collect matches whether you know it or not. Experiencing other cultures, foods, people, art, architecture and history will provide you with the ammunition you need to creatively solve your next problem.

Leave Your Comfort Zone
Experience things you would have never dreamed about and put yourself in unfamiliar situations. Von referenced a recent trip to the slums of Africa that had a profound impact on his life. He collected matches and saw the amount of creativity kids can have when making their own toys with no money.

In order to put all these matches to good use you have a system in place to capture your thoughts and inspirations at a moments notice. Inspiration can come in many forms, thoughts, visuals, words ect.

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