Good vs. Great Design – Cameron Moll

As stated before, I was excited to hear Cameron Moll speak. I’d heard good things about it and was anxious to experience it for myself.

He began by saying that there is no magic formula for great design.He used a quote from Bryan Lawson’s book, How Designer’s Think that sums the idea nicely: “Do we really need a simple definition of design or should we accept that design is too complex a matter to be summarised in less than a book?” In other words, it is something that requires real work—it isn’t something that just looks cool or is cobbled together.

I was excited to hear this as it seems many design magazines, books and websites these days seem to suggest, usually subtly, that there is.

Cameron Moll broke his presentation into sections organized around two opposites: Necessity vs. Passion, Starter vs. Finisher, Reduction vs. organization, Influence vs. Inspiration and Creative Drive vs. Creative Pause. They are simply opposites, not necessarily in conflict.

The first section concerned Necessity vs. Passion. He used his Authentic Jobs website as an example. It was very bare-bones at first, created to fill a need he saw. As time went by, his passion for it grew and it has become a far better site today. “Create passion about your work, satisfy your passions on the clock or off,” he suggests.


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