Do one thing

Car traveling west on CA-76

I was driving south on I-5 and a pickup just ahead and to my left signaled they wanted in my lane. I slowed down to let them in and initially, they too hit the brakes expecting to go behind me. I continued to slow, they figured it out and sped up to get over. And that’s when I knew what I was going to make my new year’s resolution.

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Useful hourly reporting for Google Analytics

Several years ago, the Google Analytics team introduced a new feature allowing inquiring researchers to see a few metrics by hour of the day. It gave a much clearer picture of when visitors made time in their busy lives to read a websites’ content. It always helped me to estimate good times to publish new content or when to send an email. Sadly, the new version of Google Analytics breaks up the date range into hours showing the selected metric for each and every one. Here’s how to see what hour of day is most important to you and your website.

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