Global Leadership Summit – Day 1

20140517-005341.jpgThe Global Leadership Summit kicked off yesterday to 170,000+ people in 100 countries around the world. Leaders from every corner of the globe gather for this conference each year to study ways they can improve themselves as leaders as well as those they lead. It is an exciting opportunity to begin conversations and learn together what makes a great leader.

Here is a brief recap of day 1’s talks.

“We are incurable learners.”
– Bill Hybels

  • Bill Hybels, pastor at Willow Creek Church and host of the event, keynoted the day saying “We are incurable learners.” His talk, The Courage Leadership Requires, challenged leaders to have courage in three areas: to define a new reality, build a healthy culture, and finish strong. There is a time for casting vision, and then there is the time to gather your courage and take the no turning back decision to move forward in that vision.
  • Gen. Colin Powell followed up with “It Worked For Me,” presumably based on his book of the same name. Some of what he talked about was how to instill a sense of purpose in your followers. There is no such thing as an unimportant person in an organization. Everyone has purpose and if a person cannot see that purpose, they will not be as effective as they could be. Furthermore, leaders must empower the people below them to make decisions. And when they do that, let them actually make their decisions. Finally, if you want to lead people somewhere, you have to know the destination.
  • Patrick Lencioni spoke next on How To Lose Your Best People. What makes people leave their jobs? Although many people say things like, “Well, I was offered more money,” the reason is really that they’re miserable. Patrick offers three reasons people get miserable. Anonymity happens when people are simply not noticed or cared about by their managers. When people do not see relevance in their jobs, they will not be able to give you their best thinking. Our work must help others to be relevant. Workers must be able to discover how they’re doing as well. When they can’t he calls it immeasurement. It also means that they are not at their best
  • Liz Wiseman spoke about The Multiplier Effect based on her research on why some leaders seem to make their team smarter and others seem to diminish the talents of their teams. Basically, diminishers create stress and do not trust their team with anything but the smallest decisions. Multipliers identify genius and liberate it.
  • Chris Brown then talked on leading and not holding on to our position and title. The key is true servant leadership. Insecure leaders have to have the title and position. Secure leaders will pick up the towel and wash their followers’ feet. When it comes down to it, for Christians, we are building God’s kingdom, not our own.
  • Bob Goff is a lawyer who has committed to bring justice to the needy. He seeks to love God, love others, and do stuff. His story revolved around a boy, “Charlie” who was mutilated and left for dead by a witch doctor in Africa. Only, he didn’t die and helped bring the witch doctor to justice. The story doesn’t end there, though. He also has ministered to the man he put in prison and he has accepted Christ as his savior and changed his life  through the love shown by Bob Goff.
  • Mark Burnett, a TV producer who created shows like Survivor and The Voice finished off the day with an interview with Bill Hybels. One thing he said was to dream big, then make it happen responsibly.

More to come on this conference, it had a lot to offer. Follow #wcagls for more

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