Notes from the Keynote: LCMC13 Day 1


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What the Five(ish)

The web could have been a fad. Five foundations that have changed in the consumer mindset that companies are doing nothing about. 

  1. Power of Direct Relationships 
    The war you’re in is with all those in the value chain of your customer

Be a customer. Who in the value chain deserves the most attention? Beats by Dre or Target where you bought some headphones? 
We compete with everyone who has a piece of the value chain. 
Kick starter is the power of direct relationship. 

Big data = taking disparate data and use it to give you information that no human or computer could ever give you before. Not available to most

Use small data, connect with your consumer on a personal level. 

Amazon knows a lot about you. Not many people are concerned with the personal information you’re giving, because it is helpful to the customer. 

Utilitarian marketing. A new foot traffic. The home screen of digital devices. A world of narcissism.  Branded apps must provide utility 

Sit or Squat by Proctor and Gamble. Solve a problem. 

DishTip – gives you the best dish near you (rather than restaurant)

Lego stores – needed an insight. That’s User Experience. Legos, can I build this? Created virtual box. When you hold it up to it, it virtually builds the set in front of your eyes

Passive vs. Active
Connect with your users actively when they’re active and passive when they’re passive.

Newspapers, we’ll just put banner ads around our articles. Newspapers took passive and put in active channel.
Google took active google ads and put it on an active channel (search) with active participants and makes more ad money than the entire print industry

What we have is a Frankenstein industry. Content on different channels, everything is just cobbled together. 

Can you just put your tv commercials on YouTube? Of course not. Environment is different

One screen world
The only screen that matters is the one in front of you. 
People don’t take this change very seriously. Turn it on and it works. 
Technology has removed technology from technology. A simplified user experience
And it’s growing exponentially. 

Not phones, they’re the remote controls of our lives. 

Brand Narrative
How do customers 

Direct relationships
Sex with data
Utilitarianism marketing
Passive v active
One screen world
New brand narrative

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