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Intellectual Humility

Understanding others’ perspective is a hallmark of UX designers. Without it, building products will inevitably fail to solve problems. A key ingredient to understanding is intellectual humility. You do not always know what the user needs. It is much better to doubt yourself and go find out the answer. Intellectual Humility INTELLECTUAL HUMILITY: The Ultimate […]

Implementing Customer Experience as an Organizational Value | UX Magazine

Implementing Customer Experience as an Organizational Value | UX Magazine Bringing customer-centered thinking into an organization is about more than just proclaiming that you’re focused on customer experience. It’s about changing… Read the rest of this article

Moving to a UX-Critical Culture :: UXmatters

User Experience has gone through a lot of changes as our discipline has integrated with business. One of the biggest, Baruch Sachs says, is that we need the time to do our jobs. This article talks about practical ways to help stakeholders understand the rational behind UX design. Moving to a UX-Critical Culture :: UXmatters […]

UX Design Is Not Just For Digital

UX designers have the tools to impact much more than digital spaces. And as Zack Gehin talks about in this article, we must think beyond digital design in order to make better digital design. Stop limiting your product designs to the digital space. Here’s why. People will ditch your ancient 2D app experience for a […]

Questioning Design That Wants To Be Your Friend

It’s popular for companies of all kinds to promote a “friendly” design aesthetic. However, if everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, does your friendly and unpretentious site really stand out against the crowd? This article explores these questions and more. The Dark Side Of “Friendly” Design Everywhere you look a “friendly” brand stares back at […]

Agile is Reducing the Value of Your Design Team – Amplify Design

I found this pretty interesting take. Agile as a process to get products out the door is fine, but when you rely on it to build the right product, you’re bound to run into trouble because agile is simply not designed to innovate, only iterate. I have been interviewing a lot of folks around the […]

The State of UX in 2016

As we end the year, it is interesting to take a look back at the state of UX in 2016. Leah Buley looks at where we’ve been in three areas, People, Process, and Impact. From “The State of UX in 2016” by Leah Buley: We have seen big investments to buy, build or bolt-on design […]

Belief Drives Behavior

It seems intuitive, but it is not enough to say the right words. The tone of voice, body language, and words are always communicating to others your true intentions. What we believe invariably affects what we do. What we do speaks louder than words (to borrow the colloquialism). Next time you are in a crucial conversation, stop […]

Goal-Directed Design for Regulated Agencies

Recently, I had the privilege of writing for the Cooper Journal about how Goal-Directed Design makes a lot of sense for heavily regulated industries. A few key points are using personas and scenarios to get early buy-in from stakeholders, building a shared vision for the project team, and discovering ideas that actually have merit (before […]

Be Careful Where You Keep Your Content

Tempted to dump your content on Medium? Think that Facebook might be a good place to write content? Changes to a platform could be disastrous if you don’t maintain content on your own site. From “Digital Sharecropping: The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Content Marketing Strategy” It wasn’t Amazon that killed them, or the proliferation […]