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What Starbucks Gets that Architects Don’t

User Experience design is not solely for digital products, it’s for any time human needs are involved. This article discusses how UX methods, particularly ethnographic research Dear architects,You’re outdated. I know this because I once was one of you. But now I’ve moved on. I moved on because despite your love of a great curve, […]

Notes from the Keynote: LCMC13 Day 1

Just the raw notes for now, folks. Tweet out using #lcmc13 What the Five(ish) The web could have been a fad. Five foundations that have changed in the consumer mindset that companies are doing nothing about.  Power of Direct Relationships  The war you’re in is with all those in the value chain of your customer […]

Global Leadership Summit – Day 1

The Global Leadership Summit kicked off yesterday to 170,000+ people in 100 countries around the world. Leaders from every corner of the globe gather for this conference each year to study ways they can improve themselves as leaders as well as those they lead. It is an exciting opportunity to begin conversations and learn together […]

Users, customers, and the personas that define them

Alan Cooper talked yesterday about users and customers. Years ago when a company would release a piece of software, the user was the customer. Today with the advent of Facebook and Twitter, the user is becoming separated more and more from the customer. You might argue that the advertiser is the real customer now and […]

Good vs. Great Design – Cameron Moll

As stated before, I was excited to hear Cameron Moll speak. I’d heard good things about it and was anxious to experience it for myself. He began by saying that there is no magic formula for great design.He used a quote from Bryan Lawson’s book, How Designer’s Think that sums the idea nicely: “Do we […]

Welcome to the HOW Conference Blog

Here, follow the adventures of Justin, Kelly and Grant through the HOW Design Conference in Denver, Colorado, June 5-9. Here you will find images and thoughts on our experiences that will hopefully enable you to be a more effective in your job here at Mutual of Omaha. Feel free to write us your questions at […]