Global Leadership Summit – Day 1

The Global Leadership Summit kicked off yesterday to 170,000+ people in 100 countries around the world. Leaders from every corner of the globe gather for this conference each year to study ways they can improve themselves as leaders as well as those they lead. It is an exciting opportunity to begin conversations and learn together […]

How Users Read on the Web

Content creators and curators, take note: people just don’t read everything you write. What to do? The NN Group (Jakob Nielsen’s company) suggests reorienting the way you write web pages. Most people scan your website, so make your website easy to scan. Hit the link below for more practical advice. Excerpt: They don’t. People rarely […]

Measuring the Usability of Reading on the Web

Confused about how to translate something like “usability” into a number? The Nielsen/Norman Group has an article to help you do just that. It is meant as a comparison tool, but may be useful to give a baseline of an existing site in order to spot problems. The system is based on five components: task time, […]

Writing tasks to test web usability

  Writing tasks was one of the most difficult parts in learning how to do usability testing. Although I got a little direction for Steve Krug’s examples, translating those into practical applications proved challenging. Here are a few of the things I learned along the way. Call it the do’s and don’ts of usability testing.

Alan Cooper’s Goal Directed Design Process

Alan Cooper (“Father of Visual Basic,” inventor of personas) talks about his “Goal Directed Design” (PDF) process.   The Resource section is a curated section of this website containing information and articles I find useful to my process. You may find them useful as well.  

Building On The MeasureLogical Breakpoints For Your Responsive Design

Responsive Design is taking the web design world by storm. However, determining where and how many breakpoints to have is tricky. Instead of trying to design for hundreds of screen sizes, this article posits introducing breakpoints based on text line length. The Resource section is a curated section of this website containing information and […]

Why Google Analytics is Good for America

Recently, my friend Andy Hughes pointed me to a blog post by Tristan Denyer describing why he is turning off Google Analytics. It all kicked off with this tweet by Jordan Moore. Analytics are now off (, feeling a sense of liberation. Happy New Year! — Jordan Moore (@jordanmoore) January 1, 2013 Mr. Moore describes that […]

Do one thing

I was driving south on I-5 and a pickup just ahead and to my left signaled they wanted in my lane. I slowed down to let them in and initially, they too hit the brakes expecting to go behind me. I continued to slow, they figured it out and sped up to get over. And […]

Useful hourly reporting for Google Analytics

Several years ago, the Google Analytics team introduced a new feature allowing inquiring researchers to see a few metrics by hour of the day. It gave a much clearer picture of when visitors made time in their busy lives to read a websites’ content. It always helped me to estimate good times to publish new […]

User testing as easy as rocket surgery

Steve Krug wrote a book in 2000 that would change the way I thought about building websites going forward. “Don’t Make Me Think” inspired a generation of web workers to begin thinking unselfishly about the sites we designed and Krug’s brand of DIY usability tests was how we would finally be able to figure out […]