Answer the call: How to be a better writer

Session 2: The Accidental Writer: Great Web Copy for Everyone Melanie Siebert • @melanie_seibert • Web visitors don’t have time for you to sound smart, they want their problems solved. Solid advice from Melanie Seibert, a freelance technical writer who tackled the issue of writing better web copy if you’re not actually a writer. […]

Collected Photographs: SXSW Day 2

Design, CSS, and Content: Another packed day at SXSW

Today kicks off discussing out print design is the future of interaction. I love both print and web design, so I’m curious what Mike Kruzeniski from Microsoft has to say. Especially since it is Microsoft talking about the future of print. Interesting. The first day had a ton of information and I hope to build […]

RSS Feed issues?

Try subscribing to my feed here: There may have been some issues with the old one and I’ve now updated it on the site, too. Also, catch the SXSW live sessions starting at 12:30 pm today here: Now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast.

Collected Photographs: SXSW Day 1

Designers vs. Developers, a solution?

Today was packed. I was happy to have flown in last night as the line for registration seemed to stretch for miles as early as 11 am. I met up with my friend Adam Burt, a talented designer/developer who works for TCU (go Team Halperin!). I enjoyed seeing a bit of Austin before settling into […]

SXSW Expectations

Living in Omaha has its benefits. One of those has got to be the airport. We’re large enough to attract larger activities, like the Mutual of Omaha Swim Trials, yet small enough that we don’t have to get to the airport 3 hours ahead of time to barely sneak onto the airplane. OMA is one […]

Heading to SXSW11

Getting ready to head to SXSW 2011 in a few minutes. Look here for updates on the conference and sessions.

Good vs. Great Design – Cameron Moll

As stated before, I was excited to hear Cameron Moll speak. I’d heard good things about it and was anxious to experience it for myself. He began by saying that there is no magic formula for great design.He used a quote from Bryan Lawson’s book, How Designer’s Think that sums the idea nicely: “Do we […]

Creating Five Alarm Concepts (Take 2) – Von Glitschka

Download Slides. Von Glitschka’s presentation, Creating 5 Alarm Concepts, is one of the better sessions of the HOW Conference. His talk was well organized and well thought out. He started by stating that not all design problems require a “homerun” that sometimes the answer really is as simple as a sign saying “2 hotdogs for […]