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  • Outcome metrics for product desirability
    A solution to merging business metrics with things humans care about Measuring the users’ experience with a product is fraught […]
  • Personas
    Personas are archetypes that communicate the research findings. They are research-based, though do not describe any one research participant in […]


  • The Lord is sufficient in ministry
    Second, the Lord is our sufficiency in ministry. Once Christ took his disciples to a desert place to rest after […]
  • The Trinity
    Tags #theology/proper #đź“śPermanent-Note #church/equipped [Feb 27, 2021 at 8:45 PM] Sources [[Westminster Confession of Faith]] The ERAS/EFS Controversy – Reformed […]



    • Things I want to learn about
      What How to teachWhy the UX Bootcamp classes aren’t resulting in the change desired. what Deep dive on Goalswhy need […]