Data Models Clarify Users’ Mental Models

Data Models describe what will form the basis of the structure of the product. During the second phase of Goal-Directed Design (GDD), the team creates models describing the data from their research. One of the most critical is the persona which describes the users. Data Models are another and describe how the users’ mental models integrate together.

Evaluating the Continuous Discovery and Delivery Model

The Continuous Discovery and Delivery (CDD) is one model to capture the design process. It is similar to a Lean UX approach in its etic perspective and to a Double Diamond process in its structure. The product manager leads a team continuously through these 5 stages: Product Discovery Product Discovery is the first stage in…


Strength & Structure

Bones and muscles work together to enable a body to move. They are different, yet would fail apart without each other.  Muscles propel and activate motion, yet must have something to push against to do so. Bones cannot move on their own, yet provide structure so that when the muscle pushes against it, the bone…

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Usability Testing is a method for discovering what people actually do on a website or app. A participant is given tasks and asked to perform them using the service while their actions and out-loud thoughts are recorded and observed. The test is streamed live to team members and project stakeholders to show people’s behaviors. If…

Outcome metrics for product desirability

Outcome metrics for product desirability

A solution to merging business metrics with things humans care about Measuring the users’ experience with a product is fraught with difficulties. There are two traps—business metrics or dubious quantitative measures like SUS, NPS, C-Sat, or CES. Jared Spool developed “Outcome Metrics” to combat this problem. These enable product design praxes ensure smooth product interactions….


A Designer’s primary job is to represent the user. We do this through studying them, building empathy, and documenting what we find. The best way to communicate who these users are is through Personas. Personas communicate research findings. They are research-based, though do not describe any one research participant in particular. They model the behaviors,…