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Six Source Model

The Crucial Learning team has developed the Six Source Model that is useful in a number of applications from understanding behavior to influencing it.

PersonalCategory 1
Personal motivation – The person is acting this way because that’s who they are. To influence, make the activity desirable.
Category 2
Personal Ability – The individual doesn’t have the training to do the activity. To influence, look to educate.
SocialCategory 3
Social Motivation – Peer pressure encourages the individual in a direction. To influence, change the direction of peer pressure.
Category 4
Social Ability – The peers are enabling the behavior. To influence, leverage peer pressure to enable the better behavior.
StructuralCategory 5
Structural Motivation – Rewards and correction influence behavior. To influence, look at all the sources of reward and correction on the person and ensure they are aligned to the behaviors you want to see.
Category 6
Structural Ability – The environment supports certain behaviors. To influence, change the environment.
Crucial Learning’s Six Source Model


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