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Usability Testing

Usability Testing is a method for discovering what people actually do on a website or app.

A participant is given tasks and asked to perform them using the service while their actions and out-loud thoughts are recorded and observed.

The test is streamed live to team members and project stakeholders to show people’s behaviors. If this is not possible, the facilitator edits a highlight reel to show stakeholders and team members at a later date.

While watching either the live test or highlight reels (if not possible to watch live) participants write post-it notes focusing on problems people experience, the feelings the users exhibit, and things to test in the future. While the purpose of this exercise is only problem exploration, possible solutions may be captured into a “parking lot” for further discussion after the team defines and prioritizes all problems.

Next, the team adds their sticky notes to the wall and discusses what they saw. The team then decides on the priority of each problem and considers the cost of fixing it. Highest priority problems should be focused on first adding on additional problems to fix as resources allow. The rest of the issues stay on the wall can be moved onto the product backlog.


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